What is an Unsafe Structure?

February 15, 2022
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Simply put, “unsafe structures” are buildings or structures that threaten the life, health, or safety of the people that occupy or surround the building.


According to Miami Dade Country’s Building Codes, a building will be deemed unsafe if it has the following:


  1. Vacant, unguarded and open at doors or windows
  2. There is an accumulation of debris or other material therein representing a hazard of combustion
  3. The building condition creates hazards with respect to means of egress and fire protection
  4. It exhibits signs of structural stress such as cracks, unusual sagging, rotting of wood members, termite damage, or if ceilings, walls and roofs are collapsing or caving-in
  5. Water service is disconnected
  6. Work is performed without proper permits and inspections


Unsafe structures are found in both residential and commercial real estate. In residential instances, things like mildew, missing/damaged doors, peeling paint, and rotting structural foundations, are considered unsafe structures. Your structure must be maintained in an ongoing manner to protect the safety of the occupant and to prevent code violations.


On the other hand, in commercial real estate unsafe structures can be seen as outdoor canopies or sheds. These things are not necessarily code violations, but it is important to get the correct permits to avoid any breaking the building codes when adding to the property.


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