Understanding Code Violations

February 15, 2022
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Building codes are regulations that the local government uses to set the standard for any constructed buildings. These regulations are there to ensure the safety of those who are in or around the structures. Therefore, anything that is not in compliance with the code is a code violation.


Common code violations examples are weathered roofing, damaged fences, and improper venting. Some of the building activities that Miami-Dade County specifically enforces, are "unsafe structures" and working without permits. To see which code violations Miami Dade issues the most, visit Top Miami-Dade Code Violations.


Although you may think you are not breaking any regulations, there is still a strong chance that you are. This is due to weather storms, hidden violations, and updated coding laws. Therefore, if you have not had a code expert perform a walk-through of your property (especially if it is an older property), we firmly suggest you do so. Not only can having a code violation lead to embarrassing notices, but it can also cause the value of your property to decrease and make it harder to sell. It may even cause a loss of sale in many cases due to the property being considered an "unsafe structure."


If you think your property may have a code violation, it can cause a loss of valuable time and money. Don't give yourself the headache of having to deal with the city alone. Let us handle it from start to finish with our powerful ten-step-system. For more information on both residential and commercial code violations visit, The Homeowners Guide to Florida's Building Code Regulations and The Commercial Code Violation Response Handbook.

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