The Top Three Reasons Buffer Zones Are Used

February 15, 2022
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By definition, a buffer zone is an area of land that separates one property from another. But what does a buffer zone actually do, and why are they so important in real estate development? We broke it down for you.


1) Lower Disturbances between Incompatible Neighbors

Developers use buffer zones to create a neutral space between different lands that might be considered incompatible without it. For example, suppose there is a loud highway near a residential neighborhood. In that case, a land developer could put a pond or a park between them in order to minimize any noise or disturbances. On a smaller scale, if there is a loud office building next to a quiet senior citizen home, a buffer zone of trees and shrubbery could be sufficient to create more harmony between the neighbors.


2) Safety

Many power plants and jails have buffer zones. This is to ensure the safety of the people around these properties. If an accident occurs at the plant, the buffer zone stalls the radiation from immediately harming the neighbors. Likewise, if someone escapes from jail, the buffer zone makes it harder for the prisoner to escape, therefore protecting those who live or work nearby.

3) Add Value to the Community

A common type of buffer zone that adds value to the community is a recreational buffer zone. Not only does a recreational buffer zone make the neighborhood more desirable to reside in, but it also generates a stable stream of revenue for the developers.

Examples of recreational buffer zones are parks, golf courses, lakes, etc.




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