Code Violations Re-modelers Commonly Make

February 15, 2022
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Once upon a time, there was a guy named Joe. Joe upgraded one of his fixer-upper projects only to tear it all down afterward. Why did he do this? Well, Joe broke several code violations during his remodeling and, in the end, had to redo all of his work. So that you don't end up like Joe, we listed some of the top violations we see when remodels don't meet code.

Working Without a Permit

You may think you don't need to get a permit before remodeling, and for some small non-structural changes, you may be right. However, for more significant jobs, like building an addition, the city could require it. Therefore, if you fail to get the correct permitting, you might have to start your entire project over.

Improper Fence Heights

Many cities have strict regulations on how tall their residents can have their fences. If you exceed these margins, there is a strong chance you will need to remove the fence and rebuild it.

Not Checking for Lead Paint or Asbestos

You can find lead paint and asbestos in many older-type buildings, and because these materials are hazardous, they must be removed properly.

Asbestos may be found in things like old piping and popcorn ceiling texturing.

Poor Electrical Wiring

Installing or repairing electrical wiring can be a tricky situation. Therefore, a professional electrician should install electrical wiring to reduce fire hazards and short circuits. Some examples of bad electrical jobs are building a junction box around spliced wires, missing GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters), or using the wrong sized circuits.

If you think your property may have a code violation, it can cause a loss of valuable time and money. Don't give yourself the headache of having to deal with the city alone. Let us handle it from start to finish with our powerful ten-step-system. For more information on residential and commercial code violations, visit, The Homeowners Guide to Florida's Building Code Regulations and The Commercial Code Violation Response Handbook.

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