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Welcome to the News Blog for Here you can access specific information on fixing common Florida Code Violations in the South Florida Area and how we can help you resolve them quickly and affordably. Our blog covers violation solutions from expired building permits to work performed without a permit

We are licensed Florida Architects and Florida General Contractors that specialize in correcting Florida Building Code Violations. We perform all services in-house and never sub -out our work so when you call our office you know that you are dealing with licensed professionals and can get immediate answers. When looking for help in fixing Florida Building Code Violations its important to know exactly who your dealing with and always avoid a middle man such plans processors or contractors that will have sub-contract the floor plans for your project to a third party and ultimately delay your process. ALL code violation work begins with permit drawings and dealing with the building department. Once the drawings show ALL the corrective work that the building department requires to cure you building code violation then the permit is issued and you can stop the clock on fines.  When dealing with companies that sub-contract all of this work out there is typically a disconnect between the main office and its subcontractors and this is where the delays and added construction costs come in.

When dealing with Florida Building Code Violations time is always of the essence.  Miami building departments typically give notice allowing 30 days to correct building code violations and copay with the Florida Building Code. After the initial 30 days notice, the property can begin to accrue fines and tickets that ultimately lead to liens on the property. These liens can vary from $5/day to $500/day, depending on the danger the violation poses to the public and to the length of time that the violation has been left uncorrected.

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