Legalizing a Garage Conversion Code Violation in Florida

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  1. Josh Spinner says:

    my property was built in 1959. I have an enclosure that appears to be a garage converted to a living space. there are no records on file to indicate a permit was pulled when this was done. there are two interior doors to access the space. a closet was erected and there are two large exterior windows. the floor is a step down from the main dwelling. However, from the exterior, there is a step up into the dwelling, putting the old garage floor at or near grade.
    I am currently not receiving any fines, but I would like to see what I would need to do to get this enclosure officially qualified as a bedroom.


    I need to legalize the garaje was convet on to a rooms

  3. SAMUEL WOLFE says:


    We are in Palm Bay, Fl.. We wish to convert garage to open room with a section for a laundry area. Do you know of a Civil engineering firm here that can produce an acceptable plan. I do not need any contractors as I am skilled in all trades and will be an owner/builder.


    Sam Wolfe

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