How To Search For Miami Code Violations

Finding building code violations on properties in Miami can be a nightmare if you take the trip to the Miami-Dade Building Department and wait the lines. However, there is a much faster and easier way to find code violations on-line.  Miami-Dade Building Department On-line Code Violation Search offers complete information on building permits, code violations and variances on their website. This is an invaluable tool when doing your due diligence of realestate sales and investments so you you are well aware of what you are getting into. Once you arrive on the building code violation search page, you will have three types of miami-Dade code violation categories to search from: 1) Unsafe Structures 2) Work Without Permit  and 3) Expired Permits. If you are not sure of what type of violation the property may have then you should search all three categories just to be sure that you’re in the clear.

code violation search
miami building code violation search on-line form

The building code violation search form is very particular on how you enter the address so make sure to enter the address in the exact format that the first three query boxes show in the example. Entering additional information in any of the code violation search query boxes won’t give you an error message but instead will only show up as no results, giving you the idea that there are no open building code violations on the property and this could lead to a false negative on your search. You can also search the property for building code violations using the owner’s name, however, this can also lead to errors since middle names, omitted initials or misspellings commonly occur when staff is entering dataThe safest way to conduct the building code violation search is by using the property’s folio number since its its the most complete and precise information that is attached to the property.

Searching the miami-Dade building department for code violations is just one of the steps in your due diligence when trying to purchase a property in Miami-Dade, our in-house staff of architects and contractors at Fix My Code Violation can walk you through more in-depth steps in assuring that you are aware of all outstanding issues and building code violations on the property.  We are licensed Florida Architects and licensed Florida General contractors that can help you resolve any issues on your property to help avoid liens and fines. Call us today for a free consultation or site visit (305) 222-7784 .

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