Hurricane Repairs Require Permits in Miami

YES, you need a Miami building permit to repair hurricane Irma damage. Don’t get taken advantage of by unlicensed, unqualified and uninsured contractors who tell you otherwise. As all South Floridians scramble to pick up the mess left behind by hurricane Irma we will no doubt encounter the fly-by-night contractors who’s rates suddenly tripled and are eager to slap the repairs together and move on to their next victims. Florida Building Codes (FBC) apply to all repairs and construction work done in Florida. is one of the fully licensed architecture and construction firms that continues to help Floridians during these times and helps them avoid building code violations.

Miami Building departments are currently overwhelmed as they deal with restoration of public utility and services but as soon as conditions return to normal they will refocus on code compliance and turn to issuing building code violations to ensure safety issues are resolved. Catostraphic events do not suspend or bypass Florida Building Codes, the requirement to use licenses and insured professionals or perform all necessary inspections. Safety still remains the building department’s main focus and they inevitably always resume their efforts to applying the Florida Building Code.

Miami building permits are required to repair roofs, change out doors, repair and replace fences and most all other hurricane damage. Beware of contractors who insist that building permits are not required. Call your local Miami building department with your scope of work to get an exact answer on needing a Miami building permit, DO NOT leave it up to your contractor to decide. If hurricane repair work is done without a permit and a Miami building department later issues a building code violation (even years later) it is the property owners responsibility and if your contractor is unlicensed then you’ll have little luck getting them to legalize the work.

We are a full service architecture and construction firm that can help you with all your hurricane repairs while obtaining all the necessary permits to keep your property in compliance. Unpermitted work can bring up issues years down the line when you decide to sell your property. Twenty five years after Hurricane Andrew hit Miami, we are still resolving unpermitted work by unlicensed contractors that holds up realestate sales at the closing table. Call our office today for a free site visit and consultation at 305-222-7784 or visit our website for answers to frequent questions

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